Strategic consulting in creation and development of new business territories, with a focus on demand generation and circular economy models.

Strategic consultancy

Creation and development of new business territories.

About me

Ester Sáez Hueichapan
Executive and Entrepreneur.

Business Cases

Arauco Natural Nutrients, 2015-2020 & Cosmetofruit 2009-2013

I am interested in working based on the well-being and sustainability of the planet and people since the creation of businesses.
I am inspired to shape businesses that have purpose and a positive impact on the world beyond the economic one.
I am passionated about entrepreneurship with a real impact on communities and the environment.
I valuetransparent communication and open conversation, dynamic teamwork, and building alliances.

Strategic consulting in the creation and development of new business territories.

  • Focusing on generating demand and circular economy models.
  • Experience in the design and implementation of high value and fast growth business models.
  • Real experience identifying business opportunities, and managing talents in new projects of local and regional scope.
  • Ability to translate these ideas into specific businesses, and with an actionable P&L that generates revenues and ebitda for companies.

Director experience in non-profit foundations.
• Trascender Foundation
• Sonrisas Foundation

2 consecutive years elected 100 Women Leaders 2007-2008. El Mercurio and Business Women Award.
Winner of the Avonni Award 2012.
5 years dedicated to forming a spin off in Forestal Arauco, a business in the health and wellness industry around communities, shared value and circular economy.

Great entrepreneurial spirit, involved in the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and mentoring for 14 years.
Founder of Cosmetofruit, innovation of Chilean origin in the functional food industry. 

Experience in multinational companies both in Latin America and in Europe (Avon, Unilever, Colgate, CFR Recalcine, Arauco); in addition to having an outstanding track record in retail in Chile (D&S and Supermercados del Sur).

Updated Training

• Climate Governance 2024. Insti. From Directors of Chile.
• Circular economy and sustainability strategies, 2021. University of Cambridge.
• Corporate Government Course 2019. Insti. From Directors of Chile.

Detect insights and opportunities for the development of new value propositions and new business development.
Sustainable growth strategies from the perspective of demand generation and circular economy.
Development of brand strategies and their communication.
Development of business strategies with a focus on growth.
Management of innovation projects from an idea to its launch.

Transformation of ideas into tangible businesses, with action plans that drive profitability for companies.